Patriot Policy

Cybertary Remains Loyal to U.S. and Canada


It is Cybertary's position and policy to hire only workers within the U.S. and Canada and to not send any work overseas. For the security of our clients and their confidential information, we believe this policy is a positive, proactive and vitally important one. Clients who work with Cybertary can have the confidence and reassurance of knowing that we keep our workers local and are able to thereby protect their best interests under the laws, insurance policies and identity theft protections that are in place in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, our clients can depend on the consistency of our highly skilled local professionals and the gained efficiency and time and financial savings that comes with hiring such high-quality support.

Cybertary provides a complete offering of administrative support with specialists in each area. This allows business owners the benefit of one-stop shopping for administrative support with the knowledge that they get guaranteed high quality local workers. In turn, this saves them time from hunting for support and money due to the gained efficiency of quality and consistency

Cybertary was founded on the principle of being a way to support those who want the benefit of work and life balance. The same principle should be applied to both the administrative professional who wants a flexible work schedule while earning a worthy wage, and the overwhelmed business owner who wants to alleviate some of their administrative burden. Both parties should have the confidence that their best interests will be protected.

When working with Cybertary, our clients have the confidence that they are working within the infrastructure of a franchise system, complete with operating standards and legal agreements. Cybertary's policies and systems truly offer a win/win for all parties involved.

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