e-Faxing Services: Which One Is Best for Your Business?

You may have noticed a number of Internet-based fax services popping up all over the web. Well, this is because e-faxing is a wonderful service, not to mention a progressive and space-saving alternative to the bulky office fax machine.

Benefits of e-Faxing:

  • Works as easily as email
  • Access faxes by email from any online source
  • Saves space in your office
  • Eliminates the worry and hassle of running out of paper or emitting a busy signal
  • Saves you money on the extra fax line and fax supplies; plus, you can save many faxes electronically rather than print them all out.

Of all the new and old e-fax companies you'll find on the web, there's no "one-size-fits-all" option for every business. You'll have to consider your company's specific faxing needs and then choose accordingly. Here are some guidelines of what to consider when choosing the right e-faxing service for your business and a quick comparison of a few popular e-faxing companies:

What to Consider When Choosing an e-Faxing Service:

  • Do you need a local or toll-free fax number?
  • What type of incoming and outgoing fax volume does your business produce?
  • How much do you want to spend per month?
  • Does the company offer modified fee packages for light users versus high-volume users?
  • How many fax numbers do you need?
  • In what format do you want to receive faxes?
  • Do you mind downloading and installing specialized software?

A Quick Comparison of a Few Popular e-Faxing Companies:


Best for businesses who:

  • Deal nationally or globally and prefer a toll-free fax number
  • Keep a strict budget, only $10 a month
  • Prefer faxes to come over in the universal PDF format, attached to an email


Best for businesses who:

  • Deal locally and prefer a local fax number
  • Send and receive a high volume of faxes per month
  • Prefer faxes to come over as a TIF (and requires the one-time download of eFax's proprietary software)
  • Need faxes to come over in a higher resolution

With a little online research, you can find and set your business up for the best in e-faxing. Just think - you'll save money, space, trees, and probably even a little energy in the long run.


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