Cybertary Saves You Money

imagesHow Cybertary will cost you less than an employee?

The real cost of a traditional employee is about twice the annual salary or hourly pay.  Cybertaries don't require medical or dental insurance or even a 401(k). And, since you only pay Cybertary for time-on-task, your employee's 8-hour day can be crunched into 3-4 hours with Cybertary! Cybertary does not charge you for idle time, washroom visits, personal phone calls, computer downtime, lunch hours, sick leave, vacation time, holidays, personal time off, etc. So a 40-hour work week can turn into a 15-20 hour week for Cybertary.

Use our savings calculator on the right to see how much money you can save partnering with Cybertary arrowredwht.gif


    Lightbulb2.gifIf you outsource just 4 hours per week with Cybertary, you gain 10% more time in front of your clients. If your time is worth $100 per hour, you lose $400 each week doing administrative and marketing tasks yourself.

    Plus, think about the extra time you will gain...



Once you've discovered how cost-effective it is to partner with Cybertary, contact us!

Savings Calculator

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