Get Out From Behind Your Desk and In Front of Your Clients

Let Cybertary Show You the Way...


If you're like most small business owners, you know that the best, most valuable use of a free hour is not made from behind your desk but in front of your clients. However, in reality, your time probably gets spent on the hundreds of critical administrative tasks that sustain your business operations-when you could be out growing business. With all this busywork eating away the hours, how can you realistically make more time for your clients?

Consider all the things you could do for your business if someone handed you an unscheduled hour. Or several unscheduled hours? The ideas are endless, right?

When you partner with the team of Virtual Assistants (VAs) at Cybertary, we offer you time off in all the right places of your business. We can efficiently and affordably handle all your time-consuming tasks like bookkeeping, marketing, data entry, planning, emailing and more. Plus, this partnership can save you time, money and get you the "face time" you need with your clients. After all, making and keeping clients is truly the key task for sustaining your business.




Save Time:

Hiring Cybertary is a wise and efficient business strategy that can gain you the time you need in front of your clients. An experienced Cybertary will take the time to learn the nuances of your business in order to help you achieve your goals and will perform most tasks more efficiently. When you look at your valuable time lost on administrative duties and consider what you can accomplish with the freedom of affordable and timesaving support services-it always equals success!


If you spend 10 hours a week doing administrative tasks yourself, partnering with Cybertary can save you 40 hours or more per month! Think of all the more important things you can do with the TIME you'll gain.


Save Money:

Time equals money, so when you take the dollar amount you're worth per hour out of the equation, you will save money by outsourcing your administrative support services to Cybertary. In fact, working with us is likely less expensive than paying a full-time employee as well. We only work when you need us, so you only pay for productive time on task-not idle time, washroom visits, personal phone calls, computer downtime, lunch hours, sick leave, vacation time, personal time off, etc. So a 40-hour workweek can turn into a 10-20 hour week with Cybertary. Plus, you save money on overhead expenses because we work out of our own offices using our own technology equipment, and we do not require payroll, medical insurance, benefits, employment taxes or even a 401(k).


For just 4 hours per week with Cybertary, you gain 10% more time in front of your clients. If your time is worth $100 per hour, you lose $400 each week doing administrative and marketing tasks yourself. Take paying yourself out of the equation, and partnering with Cybertary can save you about $200 per week!



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