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February 2010 
Dear Client,

Welcome to INNOVATE!, an administrative resource for small business owners. INNOVATE! is a product of Cybertary, a professional Virtual Assisting company. In these monthly emails we will be giving you numerous resources and tips you can use in your business, your home, your office and your life.

It's February, and love is in the air. Traditionally, we celebrate our Valentines by sharing a romantic dinner, sending flowers or chocolates, or writing love letters. These time-honored symbols of love and affection are a wonderful way to say "I love you" to that special someone.
This is also a great time to give yourself a little love by hiring a Cybertary to take care of those cumbersome tasks that prevent you from spending time on your business. From administrative support, to bookkeeping, to creative services, to mailing your Valentines, your Cybertary can tackle your ever-growing "must do" list so you can focus on building your business... and your relationships.

Time Management Tools
Prioritize, Organize, and Synchronize Your Day
altWhether you are the owner of your own company, a high-powered executive in a fortune 500 company, a public service worker, an entrepreneur, or a busy person, the key leading a well-balanced life is time management. Being able to efficiently manage your time will not only allow you to get things done, but will also reduce your stress and increase your quality of life away from the office. The following tips and tools will get you started on the road to happy, healthy, productive days. After all, isn’t that one of our New Year’s resolutions?

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Cybertary
Get Out from Under Your Workload

altThe current economy is forcing many businesses to rethink the way they manage their finances, and many have been forced to cut staff and services in order to maintain their margins. Often times, this means business owners are taking on more of the day-to-day activities such as administrative tasks, bookkeeping, and marketing, which takes valuable time away from focusing on the larger, more critical issues facing their businesses. Fortunately, there is a cost-effective way to keep your eyes on the bigger picture without letting the little things fall through the cracks.

With the advent of new technologies and ways of doing business, having Cybertary support is fast becoming an essential requirement for busy professionals.

Google Analytics 101... it's that Easy!
By Vialtcki Sanders, Owner
Cybertary San Mateo
Once you’ve made the commitment to enhance your online presence, you’ll need to determine which tool to use. Google Analytics is a free, easy-to-use service that provides detailed statistics about the people who visit your website that shows you how people find your site, how they navigate through it, and how they become customers. Using this information, you can enhance their experience on your website which will improve your ROI, increase conversions, and ultimately make more money.

In order to use Google Analytics, you need to sign up. Click here to create a free account, or log in using your existing Gmail account. After you’ve answered a few questions about your website, you’ll receive a snippet of code which you will need to copy into every page of your site. Once you’ve completed this process, every time someone visits a page on your site, the code will send information about the visitor to Google’s servers which translate the data into nice neat reports that you can use to understand your site’s traffic.

 CyberQuick-Tip: Ning
altCreate Your Own Social Network

Ning is a social networking site that does more than just bring together a random group of “friends,” it allows individuals and businesses to join and create Ning Networks – customized social network communities. Ning offers flexibility and lets you be in the driver’s seat. As a Ning Network creator, you can customize your theme as well as in the features you choose to incorporate such as videos, photos, chat, music, groups, events, blogs, RSS, email, and forums. You can also enhance your Ning Network with a host of third-party applications that include everything from e-commerce solutions to games.

Ning’s free, easy-to-use service allows business owners to quickly and easily create a Ning Network and develop an online community around your brand as well as participate in ongoing conversations with other communities. Use Ning to meet, network, engage with potential customers and promote your business.

Ning is free, however you can purchase a Premium Support Plan, get additional storage and bandwidth, eliminate advertising, and use your own domain name with Ning’s premium services starting at $4.95/month.

Whether you are a small business marketing purple polka-dotted widgets or a garage band with a local following, Ning gives you a way to create a network with your consumers or fans that is as unique as you are. Create a Ning Network today at
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