Bluetooth_459a8d4787031Bluetooth® Technology: What You Ought to Know  

You've probably heard of Bluetooth. You've probably even seen Bluetooth technology in action-you know, when you're standing behind that chatty guy in the coffee line and you realize he's not talking to you but chatting away into that funny cordless earpiece? Yep, that's Bluetooth doing its thing.


Bluetooth technology establishes a way in which electronic devices like cell phones, PCs, laptops, printers, PDAs, TVs, video game machines and digital cameras can network with one another via a short-range radio frequency. So right now, we have the wildly popular cordless earpiece that picks up calls from your cell phone. Plus you can use the technology to sync up calendar and other information on your wireless PDAs, cell phone and computers. Coming soon, the possibilities are endless, and many of them will make the small/home business or telecommuting way of life all the more sweet.


Think cord-free office spaces with a connected and exchanging network between your laptop, PC and printer-perfect for the small or home business. Or what about the ability to flip between the favorite MP3s on your PC and cell phone calls with a single wireless earpiece device. You may even be able to access photos on your camera from your laptop. And remember in the movie Minority Report when Tom Cruise's character is delivered customized advertisements as he moves through the mall? Even this technology could be made possible when you're equipped with a Bluetooth device.


It won't be long before you can remain wholly connected when you're on the move! The critical information and data in all your devices will be accessible and transferable as you go from place to place. Stay connected as you move from your home to your car to your office. No more searching for a wireless connection. With Bluetooth technology, your computer or PDA can connect to your mobile phone, using it as a modem. Print direct to a wireless printer from your client's office. Save that off-site white board brainstorming sessions to your laptop-again, no wires or wireless connection involved. This technology is a dream come true for the telecommuter or for anyone who works off-site. Everywhere you go you stay connected to your whole business.


So time to keep a watch on Bluetooth. They're still working out some bugs and tightening in on security measures, but there's not doubt you'll want to be on board with this technology as it takes off. And frankly, it's already well on its way!


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