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June 2007

Dear Client,

Welcome to INNOVATE!, an administrative resource for small business owners. INNOVATE! is a product of Cybertary, a professional Virtual Assisting company. In these monthly emails we will be giving you numerous resources and tips you can use in your business, your home, your office and your life!

This month we bring you information on Podcasting and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.  Also, we act as Miss Manners this month and provide you with some Email Netiquette. Remember to check out our monthly "Quick Tip", too - we're helping you stay organized in Outlook!

Podcasting for Business

By Don Lipper & Elizabeth Sagehorn - Technology Writers

podcasting.jpgI wonder what the heck I did in Making the business case for podcasting is easy. Next time you travel via plane, train or just walking down the street, count the number of people with wires coming out of their ears. People are listening, but to what? And what opportunity does it present for your business?

A recent report by Edison Media Research shows that awareness of podcasting jumped from 22% in 2006 to 37% in 2007. But within the same timeframe, people who actually listen to podcasts only increased from 11% to 13%. Video podcast watchers edged up from 10% to 11%. Even so, that relatively small percentage of people who are watching/listening to podcasts could be a key demographic for you.


Email Netiquette

12 Simple Ways to Craft Better Emails Today

You've all seen them. Email communications that have simply gone to pot. And often these same emails are from very important and highly regarded business professionals.


Now I'm not talking about a few typos here and there. I'm not even talking about the occasional grammatical mishap. There are much, much worse albeit very, very common email offenses swirling around out there in the world of email communications. And personally, every time I see the outcome of one of these e-offenders who shoot their half-baked emails onto the "www" without so much as a "once over" or a "double check" (let alone a spell check), it just makes me want to be a better emailer.


If you know what I mean, then here are a few simple ways to make your emails better-not to mention more professional. Trust me. This is the least you can do for your readers.


Read on for the 12 simple ways to craft better emails...

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What It Is and How It Works

By now, you have probably heard all the enthusiasm and talk over Pay-Per-Click Advertising. If you haven't heard about this kind of advertising, then you've no doubt seen plenty of it in action on the web. Pay-Per-Click Advertising is that ever-changing, ever-present and seemingly mind-reading list of sponsored ads you see posted alongside your search engine results pages every time you conduct a search. I know I'm always impressed when I "Google" a phrase, and the search engine instantly offers up a list of countless businesses providing the exact product or service for which I'm searching. I've even seen this amazing "mind reading" in action in ad listings on Gmail, on blogs and elsewhere on the web.
The good news about Pay-Per-Click Advertising, or PPC, is that small businesses of all sizes can utilize its effectiveness with ease and little risk. It allows you to very affordably place an ad for your business on a search engine results page-and even appear on the same page with some of the "big boys" in your industry. And, PPC is proving to be one of the most successful kinds of new advertising we've seen in a long time.

Click here to read more about Pay-Per-Click Advertising...

Cyber-Quick Tip

 QuickTip.jpgUsing Colors to Stay Organized in Outlook

Do you receive alot of spam? Do you receive several emails from the same people? Then use this quick tip to assign a color to everyone you trust so that when you open Outlook, the message headers that are in black are usually suspect. Follow these easy steps:
  1. On the Tools menu, click Organize,
  2. The Ways to Organize Inbox task pane will display; Click Using Colors
  3. Click an e-mail message in your Inbox, and you will see the name of the sender displayed in the Color messages box.
  4. Select a color from the list, and then click Apply Color.

To color-code e-mail messages sent only to you:

  1. Select a color from the Show messages sent only to me list.
  2. Click Turn on to set the color.
  3. To Undo, click Turn off.

Please note: if you receive alot of e-mail you won't be able to color-code every single sender. But you can use this tip to color-code certain types of messages, such as those from your manager or your employees.

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