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QuickTip_46291d3a2a0b2Using Colors to Stay Organized in Outlook

Do you receive alot of spam? Do you receive several emails from the same people? Then use this quick tip to assign a color to everyone you trust so that when you open Outlook, the message headers that are in black are usually suspect. Follow these easy steps:
  1. On the Tools menu, click Organize,
  2. The Ways to Organize Inbox task pane will display; Click Using Colors
  3. Click an e-mail message in your Inbox, and you will see the name of the sender displayed in the Color messages box.
  4. Select a color from the list, and then click Apply Color.

To color-code e-mail messages sent only to you:

  1. Select a color from the Show messages sent only to me list.
  2. Click Turn on to set the color.
  3. To Undo, click Turn off.

Please note: if you receive alot of e-mail you won't be able to color-code every single sender. But you can use this tip to color-code certain types of messages, such as those from your manager or your employees.