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Let Virtual PBX Be the Answer
10 Ways to Use Your iPod for Business
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June 2008
Dear Client,
Welcome to INNOVATE!, an administrative resource for small business owners. INNOVATE! is a product of Cybertary, a professional Virtual Assisting company. In these monthly emails we will be giving you numerous resources and tips you can use in your business, your home, your office and your life!
Happy June! Indeed, another summer has arrived already. We hope life and business are good and that you're taking some time off for yourselves.
In INNOVATE! this month, we're talking efficiency. After all, efficiency in our professional lives only leads to more free time in our personal lives, and that's a good thing. In our "Let Virtual PBX Be the Answer" article, we provide some useful information about professional, web-based telephone systems that are available and can make the job of transferring, rerouting and just answering phone calls a little easier for you. And, while we hope you'll continue to use your iPod for fun and enjoyment as well, we have compiled "10 Ways to Use Your iPod for Business." Many bigger corporations have found ways to increase efficiency with these handy little audio/video players.
Enjoy your June. We hope the Efficiencies we share here at Cybertary will only lead to more time spent enjoying your life.



Let Virtual PBX Be the Answer

Affordable, Professional, Web-Based Telephony Systems for Small Businesses

It seems like every other day now that the webby masterminds that be come up with another virtual tool that makes work life easier for the small business owner. And aren't we lucky to be small business owners because of it? Today, we're going to tell you about Virtual Private Branch Exchange (also known as Virtual PBX, VPBX or sometimes iPBX). We've talked about the benefits of using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and K7 Web-Based Fax and Voicemail Messaging for business, but VPBX takes virtual telephony efficiency a step further.
You probably come in contact with ordinary PBX systems every day. These are the systems that allow you to dial the main number of your bank or medical provider and get connected to your specified branch or doctor's office. The same type of system redirects the CEO's calls to her administrative assistant. Now, this same technology is available to small businesses via the Internet, meaning it's affordable and doesn't require you to purchase any special equipment or to maintain that equipment.
Today's VPBX can take messages, transfer calls, provide information, forward your calls to outside numbers, put callers on hold, speed-dial, provide company directories, offer savvy phone/computer integration and more. Read on for the many reasons a VPBX system might work brilliantly for your home-based, single-office or widespread business.

10 Ways to Use Your iPod for Business

iPods at work aren't just for tuning out your co-workers anymore. Many highly regarded companies are promoting efficiency in the workplace by using iPods as training tools, sales instruments, mobile learning devices, promotional incentives, communications pods and more. Using audio and video files and an array of available adapters and docks, the iPod can be greatly utilized for business. Their small size and great capacity (the Nano, available in 4GB and 8GB models, is just 6.55mm thin and the Classic, with up to 160GB, still fits in your hand) make them ideal for business people on the go.

Read on for the 10 ways your iPod can improve business efficiency...


Converting Business Cards into Useful Data

Do you have a pile of sticky notes with client contact information scribbled on them or business cards taped to your computer monitor? Now is the perfect time to get them all organized into a contact database. A contact database can be created with a contact management tool such as Outlook, ACT, and Excel or by utilizing a card scanner to scan your company contacts business cards into your computer.

What if you don't have a database at all? You can purchase a mailing list from a source such as, and receive hundreds of contacts that match your ideal client demographic, at a surprisingly low cost.

Cybertary can also help you create a database from scratch with some very targeted Internet research, or convert an existing paper contact list to something electronic. And frankly, once you go digital, you just can't go back to paper.

Now that you have a digital database, what do you do with it? 

Cyber-Quick Tip

Software Storage Simplified

When you need a software CD or the software license information, do you dread the mad search you must embark upon to find them? Do you have a shelf full of old software boxes taking up space? Or are there software jewel boxes and loose CDs in a drawer or box? Worse yet, are you losing or damaging your valuable software CDs because you just don't have a designated way to store them? We have a solution that will save you space and keep your software and license keys handy and safe.
It's simple really. Just get yourself a CD binder at an office supply store and insert all of your software CDs in it. Then, you can then either cut out the license key from the box and slip it into the pocket with the CD or write the key number on the CD itself with a fine-tip permanent marker.
As Cybertaries, we need to stay on the cutting edge of technology with the latest software at our fingertips. This is a picture of our software binder at Cybertary Headquarters that holds 128 CDs in 3 inches of shelf space. They are sorted by software type (Operating System, Microsoft, Utilities, Graphics, Microsoft and Other). All of our software is easily accessible, protected, and organized. Pretty nice and easy, huh?

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