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March 2007

Dear Client,

Welcome to INNOVATE!, an administrative resource for small business owners. INNOVATE! is a product of Cybertary, a professional Virtual Assisting company. In these monthly emails we will be giving you numerous resources and tips you can use in your business, your home, your office and your life!

In this issue of INNOVATE! we give you an overview of Microsoft Office 2007 and several Spam Blocking services.  Also, we share with you several options for "keeping in touch" with your clients.

Microsoft Office 2007 Review

By Don Lipper & Elizabeth Sagehorn - Technology Writers

office 2007If you're like most computer users, you look at a new version of Microsoft Office with at least an equal sense of dread and glee. You ask yourself the same basic question: do I need to upgrade? Our answer is no, you don't need to. At least not right away.


The new version has a snazzy streamlined interface that requires a bit of a learning curve. However, once you get the hang of it, the new interface makes it oodles easier and faster to do things like formatting pages on the fly or creating charts and pivot tables with ease.  For example...



Spam Blocking Services

 contenteditable=When it got to the point that it felt like I was getting more spam email than legitimate email, I started looking around for solutions. After all, I know how much money my time is worth. When you're running a small and growing business, there is really no extra time to dig through hundreds of spam emails each day, especially when there's always the worry of losing important business-related emails in the process.
There is a full range of spam blockers out on the Internet. In my own personal search, I ran into blockers that didn't block much spam and ones that were really tough to set up. These more complicated blockers, if you're an advanced user, allow you to set up and design complex filters and block out common spam key terms. However, I simply wanted a spam blocker that was easy to use and that accomplished the one thing it was supposed to do - block spam!

Click to learn about a few standout Spam Blocker Services...

Add the Personal Touch to Your Business

Email Reminder Services Help You Keep in Touch With Your Clients

woman with santa hat The best way to keep your business and its services at the front of your clients' minds is to stay in touch with them throughout the year.
Sending personal greetings on birthdays and anniversaries or saying "Thank You," "Congratulations!", "Happy Holidays!" and more is a great way to do this. Personal greetings not only show your clients that you care, but they also how them you can and will make the time to put them first.

Now you're probably wondering how you can be expected to stay atop of all these dates and details throughout the year. Well, a number of online email reminder services have made this easy.

Cyber-Quick Tip

  contenteditable=Finding Duplicates in Excel

Often times you are exporting information to Excel from another source and this data often contains duplicate information.  To check your Excel spreadsheet for duplicates simply create a new macro using the code found at  In order for the macro to work correctly, make sure both of the following conditions have been met:


Ã??Ã?Àš·  The column in which you want to find duplicates has been sorted based on values in that column.

Ã??Ã?Àš·   The first cell in the column in which you want to find duplicates is selected.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. I do hope that you found the articles informative and useful. If you have a topic that you would like to see explored in a future newsletter, or if you know of someone who can benefit from our services please let us know.

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Patricia Beckman

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