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Attack of the Spambots
Keeping Your Computer Clean
Accounting Basics
Cyber-Quick Tip
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May 2007


Dear Client,

Welcome to INNOVATE!, an administrative resource for small business owners. INNOVATE! is a product of Cybertary, a professional Virtual Assisting company. In these monthly emails we will be giving you numerous resources and tips you can use in your business, your home, your office and your life!
Spring has sprung.  It's time for you to do some spring cleaning on the inside and outside of your computer. This month we provide you steps on keeping your computer clean of spambots and literaly keeping your computer clean (as in dust-free).  Also you will find an extensive Accounting Basics list that you may find helpful for your accounting needs as well as our monthly "Quick Tip"!

Attack of the Spambots!

By Don Lipper & Elizabeth Sagehorn - Technology Writers spambots.jpg

I wonder what the heck I did in my life that made the internet think I need Rolex replicas, sex drugs, unspeakable porn and investment opportunities that require me to send my life savings to some corrupt official in Nigeria. Somewhere on the internet I've been attacked by a spambot. 


Spambots are like the web crawlers or spiders Google and other search engines send throughout the web to index the words on a page. Unlike Google, all a spambot cares about is harvesting any email address it finds. Those email address are then sold to spammers around the world.  


If you posted to a discussion group, signed an online petition or visited a chat room, a spambot has your address. In business your email address is probably the major point of contact for your customers. That's why email addresses are often put on your business's web site and that's why you're getting so much spam. 


Spam is an arms race. With every advance by the forces of good, the forces of darkness find a counter-measure. So today's solution may only work for a short time. With that depressing caveat aside, here are a few ways to prevent a spambot from harvesting your address...  


Keeping Your Computer Squeaky Clean


For optimum computer system health, do your best to keep you computer's insides and outsides squeaky clean. Dust can accumulate in the vents and increase your PC's temperatures, which ultimately could cause system failure. Built up crumbs and dust in your keyboard can cause sticking and malfunction as well. So it's a good idea to make computer cleaning part of your regular routine.

Always start your cleaning routine by turning off your computer. If you are planning to clean internally, make sure to turn off your system and unplug all cords from the wall. Some tools you may need:

  • Very soft lint-free or microfiber cloth
  • Can of compressed air (available at computer or office-supply store)
  • Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  • Cotton swabs (do not use a cotton ball)
  • Water
  • Screwdriver

 Here are some tips for cleaning your computer or laptop.* 

Accounting Basics "Cheat Sheet"

Every once in awhile everyone needs a memory jog.  Without naming names, we know many experienced Accountants who still carry a "cheat sheet" on accounting theory.  Since small business owners are often doing their own bookkeeping, accounting theory is also something entrepreneurs cannot escape.
We've included an Accounting Basics "cheat sheet" to help you keep your books in balance, to reference as needed, and to help you speak the same language as your CPA. Enjoy! 

Cyber-Quick Tip

Browser Magic Trick


There is a magical way to use your Internet browser that I'd like to show you.  So get out your magic wand and follow these three easy steps: 

1.     Open a new window in your Internet browser.

2.     In the address bar, type a name of your favorite website (don't type http://www. or .com).  For example, if you wanted to bring up the Cybertary Franchise website, you would type cybertaryfranchise in the address bar.

3.     When you are done typing, press Ctrl+Enter and watch what happens!

 Now you are a magician, too!  

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