5 Key Elements to Praiseworthy Business Ethics

by Patricia Beckman

altThroughout the business world, no trait is more important and influential to the success of a company than practicing respectable business ethics from the inside out. At Cybertary, we know that our integrity and trust mean everything to the growth and success of our business. That's why we have several policies in place and reevaluate our business ethics practices at all times.

Take a look at the five key elements we have implemented into our policies at Cybertary. We think you will find them universal to most small businesses, including yours:

Ethics Policies That Work

Top to bottom, your company must work to maintain trustworthiness. That means your clients should hold deep confidence in your company and its abilities. Your clients should believe through the proof of your reliability and quality performance that your company runs on character, fairness, truth, honor, and ability. By doing your best work and following the below key elements to respectable business ethics, your company should flourish in this arena as Cybertary has. In fact, we have the repeat and referral business to prove it!

Honest Service Delivery:
At Cybertary, honesty envelops all arenas of our company and especially when it comes to the delivery of our services. From promising only the services, pricing and timelines we can truly deliver to admitting and correcting our mistakes, our team must keep honesty at the forefront of its service delivery every day. It is much better to be honest about what you can do rather than set yourself or your team up for failure by making empty promises, which can ruin your reputation. Cybertary strives to honor all of our commitments and obligations and to leave every client feeling well served upon completion of each project.

Within the Cybertary team, it is of utmost importance to keep the confidential details of our clients' businesses private. For this reason, we developed a thorough business agreement that discusses in detail the measures we take to ensure client confidentiality. This complements our strict, written, internal confidentiality policy that our team members must learn and follow. Additionally, because we work predominantly within virtual environments, we have established a state-of-the-art Intranet to maintain efficient in-house working relationships. Cybertaries share documents on a secure, password-protected, SSL-encrypted Intranet and communicate and monitor task productivity, defined assignments and due dates via secure discussion boards. There are many tools and resources available to maintain this aspect of your business. Make sure you cover all your bases, as one minor slip-up with confidential information can cost you greatly financially as well as ethically.

Good business ethics and continuous improvement also come from keeping an open mind. This openness applies to the president of the company on down. Because we care about the success of our clients at Cybertary, we don't assume we always know best. We make it our goal to personally communicate with each client and familiarize ourselves with his or her business goals in order to effectively execute their projects. We regularly ask for opinions and feedback from both clients and team members. Even in times of business disagreement, we aim to treat other opinions and ideas with professional respect and courtesy.

Techy Integrity:
It is especially critical in a business such as Cybertary that we maintain our technical integrity and duly apply our honest business ethics to this arena. Again, we have a written internal policy when it comes to the software, hardware, and any other technical resource we use for business. That means we don't bootleg software, infringe on copyright laws for writing or graphics or send unsolicited emails to our client list. In business, ethical technology usage is no less important than any other element I have mentioned.

Business ethics, practiced in every aspect of a company, become the foundation for a company's overall culture, as well as their success. It's important to think through your current policies and address all the important ethical issues within your business. Any time you can address them in writing is even better. Once you have everything in writing, then you just have to follow through and ensure that every employee in your company follows through as well. That means never looking the other way but promptly dealing with unethical matters as they arise.

The Small Business Administration website has a great "integrity self-test" that was developed by Dr. Denis Waitley, author of Empires of the Mind. This is a great tool to start the development your own ethics policies. I hope this tool and the key elements of our company help get you started. After all, recognizing the importance of business ethics can lead to a profitable, successful company.


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