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November 2011
Dear [fname],
Welcome to INNOVATE!, an administrative resource for small business owners. INNOVATE! is a product of Cybertary, a professional Virtual Assisting company. In these monthly emails we will be giving you numerous resources and tips you can use in your business, your home, your office and your life..

This month, we are anticipating the pleasures of gathering with family and friends, sharing great food, crisp weather and a football game or two. The operative word is sharing which gives us the opportunity to give thanks. In this month’s edition, we suggest that you may be able to positively impact the small independent businesses in your locale by “Giving Back, The 3/50 Project." As we know all too well, “The Holidays are a Coming”, so we share some ways to lighten your load. We have a Cyber Tip on where to get some cool apps for free from GetJar and we continue our series on some tasks to delegate to Cybertary.



Thankfully yours, Cybertary
Giving Back: The 3/50 Project
Saving the Brick and Mortars Our Nation Is Built On
Thanksgiving is not just about gorging on turkey and all of the trimmings, watching football and falling into a tryptophan induced food coma. It is a reminder to all of us to give thanks for the blessings that we enjoy, our friends and family. And while we may do that (hopefully) on Turkey Day, we do have an opportunity throughout the year to acknowledge and reward the local businesses in our area that are helping to keep the economy afloat closer to home.
The Holidays are Coming...Are You Ready?
Do you ever get the feeling that the last quarter of the year has some sort of weird metaphysical spell on it, transforming the typical 3 months of a calendar quarter mysteriously into 9 days instead of 90? If you are like me, I feel I enter a time warp starting October 1st and emerge from the maelstrom January 1st of the following year with only a vague recollection of what transpired. Here are some ideas on how to get through the Holiday season unscathed, and dare we say, prepared?
Cyber QuickTip:
With the passing of Steve Jobs last month, we were assailed with the technology pundits using words like visionary, genius, the Einstein of our times. Many took to lamenting that the future of technology will be severely hampered as the next great ‘inventor’ of his stature has yet to arise and lay claim to the title.
While tipping our hat to his contributions, particularly with respect to strides with user interfaces, we wanted to share a site that will help you explore optimizing the devices that utilize the power of various operating systems including Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian and Mobile Web. GetJar is the world’s largest free app store, offering cross platform applications via a virtual storefront.
The statistics for GetJar are staggering; with over 2 Billion downloads to date, they have a bench of close to 400,000 registered developers creating close to 350,000 games or applications available to 2,600 supported devices.
Launched in 2004 as a site for mobile developers interested in sharing and receiving feedback on their mobile applications, GetJar subsequently became an independent distribution platform for the applications regardless of the manufacturer of the device or the carrier. The beauty of GetJar is that it autodetects the device and presents only compatible applications. Because of the openness of the technology, GetJar offers broad scalability versus the proprietary nature of the iPhone (sorry, Steve).
User interest and downloads continue to be highest among games, social & messaging, entertainment, and productivity applications. Here is a sampling of some of the apps:
  • Radardroid Pro: Speed Camera background alert service for your favorite Navigation app
  • Tune In Radio Pro: Radio live, local and beyond. Enjoy the largest selection of radio in the world
  • TXT Msg Away: Away message for your phone; automatic text message reply system
  • Solo: For the air guitar aficionados, go Solo with Android’s most popular virtual guitar
  • All Sport GPS Pro: Track your workouts with this app
  • Dex Mobile: Find the cheapest gas
And for those of you who like to while away some time playing games, GetJar gives you access to Nano Panda, Jelly Wars, Guns n Glory and Paper Glider to mention just a few.
The market analysis data for mobile applications indicates that 58 percent of users’ access their device’s apps more than once a day and a third spend at least an hour daily with their applications. The cost of an app is the most decisive factor in the user's download decision. The volume of free applications and the ease of search topped the checklist of the factors that assess in selecting an app store like GetJar.
Interestingly enough, only 25 percent of respondents said they found the application by browsing through an app store, so GetJar has a potential visibility challenge. Approximately half of applications are discovered on line and 17 percent are found through word of mouth or social media. Perhaps GetJar, with their broad scalability and huge catalogue can turn those statistics upside down as the industry moves to inevitable consolidation.
  1. Manage Email, Phone Calls and Mail, Make Appointments and Coordinate Your Life: Your Cybertary will receive, route and respond to e-mails, phone calls and mail. We call your contacts or service providers, schedule your appointments and email appointment details to you. We can find and coordinate a meeting place, contact the necessary attendees and email the meeting details to you. Your Cybertary calls your appointment contacts, noting who is confirmed and who must be rescheduled, and faxes or emails the details back to you.
  2. Conduct Surveys: Using your contact list and emailed, faxed or mailed survey, your Cybertary coordinates with your survey participants via fax or phone, reaches out to unresponsive participants, tracks and summarizes the responses on a report and delivers the report to you via email attachment.
  3. Send Welcome/Confirmation Letters: As you direct, your Cybertary enters your new customer's information into your database, zips the file, and sends the database to you via email attachment. We also prepare and mail a standard welcome/confirmation letter to your new customer to ensure a warm welcome…and a satisfied customer who appreciates the attention to detail to help you stand out from the competition.
  4. Make Shipments: Your Cybertary helps you get ahead of the holiday curve by shipping products and handouts to customers/clients and to other locations, seminars and tradeshows where you’re exhibiting or speaking.
  5. Locate Hard-to-Find Items: Your Cybertary searches the Internet to locate the hard-to-find items you don't have time to locate.
  6. Process Monthly Bank Reconciliation/Track Expenses and Tax Records: Working from your mailed or faxed check register and bank statement, your Cybertary enters all data into accounting software and reconciles your account. Your Cybertary tracks your expenses and organizes your tax records throughout the year so that you know where you stand in order to make informed end of year decisions for your business.
  7. Make Online Purchases: When available, your Cybertary sets up an online account on your behalf with online stores that you frequent. When purchases are needed, your Cybertary places your orders with delivery to you, taking the hassle of holiday shopping for clients, friends and family from your shoulders.
  8. Order Awards: Your Cybertary researches appropriate award and recognition gifts, coordinates the purchase, customization, and delivery of Award monies and gifts for your valuable team.
  9. Prepare and Customize Resumes, Send Post-Interview Thank You Cards: Your Cybertary prepares or updates your resume and includes a cover letter. Your Cybertary prepares a customized cover letter and resume every time you find a potential new employer and then posts, faxes or mails it to the prospective employer, according to the employers’ preference. Your Cybertary promptly mails out a follow-up thank you letter to your potential employers after job interviews. We celebrate with you when you land your new position.
  10. Plan Events: Your Cybertary can organize, prepare and send , invitations, reminders, and handle all RSVPs for your meetings and Special Events. Your Cybertary will schedule and work with Catering and Vendors to add a custom touch for all of your Meeting and Event needs.
Let Cybertary help you get a jump on the hectic Holiday Season this year!

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