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Software As A Service (SAAS)
Three Prongs of the SEO Fork
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October 2007

Dear Client,

Welcome to INNOVATE!, an administrative resource for small business owners. INNOVATE! is a product of Cybertary, a professional Virtual Assisting company. In these monthly emails we will be giving you numerous resources and tips you can use in your business, your home, your office and your life!

The leaves are falling, the air is cooler and calendars are getting full.  What an ideal time to explore options for streamlining your schedule by sharing your calendar online. This month we share several easy options that you can use today to communicate your schedule with your team. 

Feeling SAASy?  "Software As A Service", or SAAS, allows you to use a wide array of software applications via the web rather than purchase the application for your PC.  This month we share information about this growing trend which is a great money-saving alternative for business owners.
Plus, you've heard about Search Engine Optimization for websites, but  with so many varied opinions on what works, where do you focus?  This month we will narrow the SEO maze into three essential components to help you understand what matters most for website optimization.
We are very excited to share that this month Cybertary is featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top New Franchises. Click here to read more... Also, we are thrilled that Cybertary is again in the Sacramento Business Journal announcing our newest franchisee grand opening in North Carolina.  Click here to read all about it...

Some Exciting Options in Shared Calendars


There are lots of options for shared calendars and for sharing between multiple calendar types. While Microsoft® Outlook is the calendar choice for many businesses, there are some amazing free web calendar options as well. From wonderful freebies to tips for integrating between Outlook and other calendars, here's a bit about what's going on in Shared Calendars right now.

Software As A Service (SAAS)

Good News for Small Business Owners  
You may not be familiar with the terminology for the "next big thing" in software delivery, but odds are you're familiar with this method, if not already a user of it. Simply put, "software as a service," or SAAS, allows you to use a wide array of software applications via the web rather than purchase the application for your PC. Big names like Microsoft, IBM, and Google are on board this trend, and it's really good news for small business owners who may find software purchase prices often become budget prohibitive.

Three Prongs of the SEO Fork

by Caroline Melberg, President and CEO of Small Business Mavericks
Opinions on what constitutes the three prongs of the SEO fork may vary, but there are three essential components of any web page that must be in place in order for that page to rank highly. And it's not just ranking highly that's important; the page has to stay there for a lengthy time under reasonable circumstances.

Cyber-Quick Tip

Deleting Annoying Outlook Duplicate Records
Many people run into the problem of duplicate records in your Inbox, Contacts and Calendar. Not only can this be annoying, but it is not efficient use of your day to comb through and scan all your folders, often searching through hundreds of records. If you don't have the time to manually delete Outlook duplicate records then try Anti-Dupe for Microsoft Outlook - it might be the solution you're looking for.

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