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Deleting Annoying Outlook Duplicate Records


Many people run into the problem of duplicate records in your Inbox, Contacts and Calendar. Not only can this be annoying, but it is not efficient use of your day to comb through and scan all your folders, often searching through hundreds of records. If you don't have the time to manually delete Outlook duplicate records then try Anti-Dupe for Microsoft Outlook - it might be the solution you're looking for.   Anti-Dupe for Microsoft Outlook is a free add-in that becomes part of your Outlook. To us Anti-Dupe follow these few simple instructions.  And soon all those annoying duplicate records will be eliminated.

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to Click on the appropriate link to download Anti-Dupe for Microsoft Outlook. Follow the instructions to install and register Anti-Dupe for Microsoft Outlook.
  2. After installing and registering, open Microsoft Outlook. You will notice that nothing in your Microsoft Outlook window has changed. To open Anti-Dupe for Microsoft Outlook, look for it as a new program under Start > All Programs. When you open Anti-Dupe for Microsoft Outlook, you will see the main dialog screen.
  3. Click the Outlook folder you want to scan and delete duplicate records in. However, you can only scan one folder at a time and the criteria are already pre-determined.
  4. Click the Delete Duplicates button. Next you will see the Select Folder dialog box.
  5. Select the specific folder or sub-folder that you want to scan and delete duplicates in. If you choose a main folder, it will scan it and all sub-folders under it. Again, you can only scan and delete duplicates in one folder or sub-folder at a time. However you must choose the folder associated with the folder type checkbox you checked in the previous screen. Click OK to scan and delete the duplicate records.
  6. After Anti-Dupe for Microsoft Outlook has scanned and deleted any duplicates, it will tell you how many records it scanned and how many it deleted. Any duplicates will be sent to your Deleted Items folder.


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