parentaladvisory_45ec9bdc990e5What You Need to Know About Content Control Software for Your Business and Family

In this era of Internet spam, spyware, peer-to-peer messaging sites, potentially harmful plug-ins and the endless streaming of inappropriate and "extreme" content, you might want to consider the ins and out of Content Control Software, or web filtering, that is available. Whether you're protecting your family or your business from such content, there is Content Control Software that can help protect you. In some cases, you can even use this software to block Internet access entirely. While small businesses will most likely have a harder time finding affordable Content Control Software, there are some less expensive options available.

Common uses of Content Control Software include limiting the sites your children may view from home computers and restricting the content your employees may view while on the job. Such limitations can include content, which is:

  • Inappropriate or illegal for children or the workplace.
  • Sexually explicit in nature, including pornography.
  • Violent, graphic or "extreme" in nature.
  • Promotional of gambling, recreational drug use or other such activities.
  • Unrelated to an employee's job function or other tasks for which the computer may be intended.
  • Deemed for social networking and chatting only.

Content Control Software in Your Office
Deciding whether or not to control web content within an office atmosphere can be a hard decision to make. Some business owners choose to extensively limit their employees' Internet usage while others may use such controls solely to protect their company against liability or their computer network from harm or to identify unproductive employees and/or highly inappropriate or excessive Internet usage in the workplace. It is your right to limit usage for any reason, but you may or may not find it necessary to limit an employee's moderate personal usage like shopping, planning travel, or paying bills - especially on their breaks. Most employees are not critical of a business owner's filtering of content for spam or viruses, but strict web controls can lead to employee resentment. To avoid this kind of backlash, make sure you carefully consider and identify business goals and policies while keeping employee concerns in mind. Then make sure to have a well-defined Internet Usage Policy in your Employee Handbook to protect yourself and avoid any future concerns about privacy. If you do choose to use Content Control Software at any level, it is crucial that you communicate the terms of its usage to your employees.

Content Control Software at Home
More and more parents are relying on software filters or parental controls to block the content their children can view while on the Internet. This software is finely tuned to block the worst offenders and usually goes above and beyond the parental control solutions from AOL, MSN and others, which often suffer from under-blocking or over-blocking. Although no software substitutes for good old attentive parenting, constantly policing the Internet from over your child's shoulder is an impossible job. So if your child is surfing the web regularly, it's a good idea to enlist the help of such filters and controls available to parents today.

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